Monday, October 31, 2011

The Playground - Canmore Drytooling

All summer I've been sneaking out on rain days (and nice days!) to drytool at The Playground.  :D  When most people we're still in bed or sitting at The Summit Cafe because it was raining, I was headed out climbing with my tools and fruit boots.

The Playground is a bolted drytooling area on Grotto Mtn.  It's less than a 10 minute drive from Canmore and about a 45 minute hike up to the cave.  There's certainly more development to be done too!

At first I was warming-up on the M5(Rat's Nest Route) & M6s (Baptism & Prowler) and then getting on the M7+ (Mutt) and M8 (Jeff).  Then it became warming-up on the M7+ and working the M8 and M9- (Single Malt) and staring wistfully at the M10, Swiss Cheese.  Then I was warming-up by up and down climbing the M7+ (endurance increasing!) and then working Swiss Cheese.  I'm still working Swiss Cheese. I have it down to 1 hang in the upper roof, and it's going to be sent soon!

This fall the traffic at the playground picked up, and I was stoked!  I love to see other people being introduced to drytooling and loving it.  The last day I was up there we had 16 people throughout the day.  If you want info about The Playground or a partner to climb let me know!

James climbing an M8                                                                               Guys climbing Single Malt M9-


Swiss Cheese


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