Friday, December 2, 2011

Super Stoked for the Bozeman Ice Fest!!!

This weekend I head to Bozeman Montana to meet up with friends for a few days of climbing in Hyalite Canyon before the start of the Bozeman Ice Fest.

Ever since I started ice climbing I've wanted to attend this ice fest but it has never worked out before.  This year I'm super stoked to be teaching clinics!  I'm also super stoked to make a lot of new friends and climb new mixed and ice routes!

Anyone else headed to the fest!?!?!?!

SEE YOU THERE!! and stay tuned for pictures and stories from the climbing and festivities  :D

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Ramblin Man said...

Good luck at Bozeman ! Are you competing Internationally this year ?
I just got back from Ouray, got in 5 long backcountry climbs. This is my third season leading ice grade WI3-4.